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At Reji Uniforms we come to work every day because we enjoy creating and developing ranges with our clients.

We’re a dynamic family run company with over 30 combined years of manufacturing, wholesaling and retail experience in the apparel industry. We have a strong focus on customer satisfaction, loyalty, and follow up; resulting in top tier performance and rave industry reviews.


Our Story


Being a relatively young company in the uniform market we’ve had to evolve as we gathered industry support quite quickly since conception. The initial plan was to use a single residential garage as warehouse space…..our accountant laughed at us – the idea lasted a whole 2 weeks! We swiftly had to move to a large industrial complex which utilises a warehouse management system that sees all orders QC’d, scanned and packed before leaving for its destination. Business increased over the first few months and we found that outsourcing the embroidery component of our local production wasn’t practical long term……so we invested in our own embroidery machines. Now all of our local embroidery is completed daily under our own watchful eyes. As our wholesale clients increased so did our retail presence with a unique concept that’s first to market for the schoolwear industry. Space on-site is a major issue for most of our clients and we’ve managed to overcome this by operating their retail shops with a fitting van that frequents the schools. A retail expert is on hand to fit students with samples and then complete orders with stock on hand in the van. We’re delighted that this concept has been well received by our clients as well as their consumers.


Sure it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, as any start-up businesses will tell you, but we’re proud of what we’ve managed to build in such a small amount of time and dedicated team. We’re also honoured to connect with clients that have the same business beliefs as ours ‘Loyalty, Respect and Reliability’…..without the support of our customers and these beliefs we’d probably still be working out of that single residential garage!

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